New Beginnings

They say that every ending is a new beginning and for me that statement couldn't be more true. On September 9th 2015 my beloved mother passed away. I had been dreading this day ever since she was diagnosed with cancer 4 years prior. I lost my father at the age of thirteen and it broke me. I worried that when it was time for her to pass I would break again. For most of my life I have felt like a fragile little egg that had to be carefully protected and walled up because its shell was so fragile. Any little hardship could crack it so easily. 

When my mother died my shell did crack open, only this time instead of cracking from the outside in it cracked from the inside out. I was open and raw but because I had chosen to be. I was like a new born chick with my eyes welded shut. I worked on giving up the ties that were binding me and holding me back from greatness. I prayed and meditated daily, I treated myself with kindness, I napped, and did yoga, practiced positive thinking and staying in the present moment. I also thought about how badly my mother would want to see me happy and successfully following my passion. 

After six months my little chickie eyes started to open. I felt a pull like I'd never felt before. What I needed to do became crystal clear. I had to release the fear, self-judgment, and lack of self-worth if I was ever going to be truly happy. 

It was like a bomb went off and stripped the walls and barriers and shells I had around me. That rebirth is what brought me here. My passion is helping others get healthy, lose weight, gain energy, change their mindset, and find their happy. If you want help doing any of these things please reach out to me. I am dedicated to this job and won't stop until I have helped thousands and thousands of people find their happy. I would love for you to be the first. 

Here's to new beginnings. 

Much much love,