Nutritional Cleansing Day Three

After my mom's death and my subsequent rebirth (click here to read this story) I found myself spit out on the other side feeling extremely unhealthy, weighting more than I had in years, and unable to button my pants. I had spent so much time flushing out and detoxifying my mind that I had let my body go. I was eating out a lot (too tired and sad to cook) and was comfort eating. Letting myself go and overeating is something I have done in the past and I wanted to make sure I didn't let things go that far again. 

Because I was just starting to pull myself out of the dumps I knew I needed an easy to follow system to get my body healthy again. A system that would take away all of the guess work. As a nutrition, fitness, health, and wellness researcher and writer I am very lucky to have access to the top people in the industry. One day I decided I was ready to detoxify my body just as I had detoxified my mind so I pulled out my little black book, made phone calls, researched tons of products and after a few days I'd finally found something that was not only very high quality (I am super picky about what I will put into my body!) but also had amazing results. I was sold. 

On April 5th 2016 I started my nutritional cleansing journey and dedicated myself to following it to a "t" and documenting my experience. On this system I have shakes for breakfast and lunch, a healthy dinner, small low sugar snacks in between along with specially formulated supplements that help with the detoxifying and fat burning process. So far, on day three, it has been amazing! I have had more energy than I have had in literally months and months, I don't feel hungry, and my mood has improved dramatically! 

Another reason I decided to try this cleanse is because I want so badly to help others look and more importantly FEEL their best. This is why I wrote the book Mindful Weight Loss Method in 2014. The only problem was that I wasn't able to help very many people with my program because something was missing and I wasn't sure what that was. Now I realize that people need and want an easy to follow system that will give them results in a short amount of time. I have ALWAYS been against unhealthy, "lose weight quick" schemes so I figured recommending a supplement or cleanse was something I'd never do...until now. I am basically using myself as a "guinea pig" so to speak so that I can have proof that this system really works. So far so good! 

If you want to learn more about the system I am using please email me here. I would love to tell you more about it. 

Below are my before pictures for your viewing pleasure lol! Let's see how far I come at the end of 30 days. So far on day three I am already impressed the the results. I feel better than I have in a long time and I am even a couple pounds lighter than I was when I took these pictures on April 5th. 

Much much love,