I am back in Chester, England now, but exactly one week ago today I left for Scotland to go on the most amazing adventure. 

To say Scotland is magical is a total understatement. It is an absolute dream.

We spent most of our time in the Highlands, at the very top of the country. This meant I had little to no cell service for most of the trip. 

Which gave me a lot of time to reflect.

I found myself most often reflecting upon how completely different my life is now than it was 3, 5, 10 years ago. 

Talk about a 180-degree shift!! It's actually mindblowing.

Please watch the video below to learn more about my perspective on how my life (HIGH SCHOOL DROP OUT OVER HERE), bank account, business, love life, anxiety levels, and overall happiness have changed for the better... and how you can achieve this too. 

I went from being an anxiety-ridden (too scared to leave my house!), self-conscious, negative, broke, single girl who didn't think she deserved big love and would never accomplish anything to... 

Traveling the world with the love of my life, making my way through airports and train stations with complete ease, owning my own business, working from my laptop helping people live a life they truly love, giving presentations on stages to large groups and to huge companies, all with complete confidence faith and trust. 

Want to know how I did it?

  • I changed my mind about what was possible for me and what I could accomplish in my life. 

  • I changed my beliefs, my thoughts, and my self-talk from negative to positive. 

  • I invited in infinite possibilities.

  • I hired a coach. 

  • I surrounded myself with mentors and high vibe people. 

  • I gave myself permission to evolve and grow.

  • I decided enough was enough, put my foot down, and took major action to change my life. 

Was it easy? No

Was it worth it? 100% YES. 

Is this life available to everyone? I believe with all my heart, it is. 

If I can turn my life around, you can too. I believe this so much I have dedicated my life to helping others live a life they truly love, just like I have. 

Let me give you a quick pep talk Queen... 

  • You can do it.

  • You are worth it.

  • You were meant to receive greatly in all ways. 

  • You are a divine being. 

  • Your beauty is immeasurable. 

  • You were put on this earth to do great things. 

I would go on but I have a tour of a Medieval Cathedral to go on about 10 minutes. ;)
My love for you runs deep. 


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