Why your beliefs create your reality & how to change them 🙌💥😎

Do you love podcasts and audiobooks as much as I do? If you said yes, then you are going to love this email. 

My boyfriend, Andy Murphy has a podcast called Mindset By Design. Every few weeks we record a podcast together called "Sunday Morning Coffee with Andy and Steph" where we discuss all things mindset over coffee in different locations all over the world. 

Our latest episode (that just went live yesterday) was recorded on a park bench in downtown St. Pete, Fl at the Salvador Dali Museum while we watched 2 dolphins swim and play about 20 feet in front of us. It was so cool!  

In this episode, we dive into the science behind stress and belief and how your beliefs truly create your reality. 

Keep reading to learn more and to listen to the podcast. 


I give real-life examples of how my personal coaching clients created massive abundance in their lives simply by changing their beliefs.

Andy gives some great tactical examples you can use in order to manage your stress and change your beliefs and, in turn, what shows up in your reality.  

If you'd like to check out episode #217- Stress, Belief and how to change it. (Sunday Morning Coffee) click the links below:

Itunes >>>https://goo.gl/3QfHqU
Stitcher >>> https://goo.gl/Xkdzi8

To listen to more Sunday Morning Coffee Episodes and some of my solo shows click here >>> https://mindsetbydesign.co/category/podcasts/

Hope you enjoy!

Would love to hear what you think. Shoot me an email with some of your takeaways after you listen. :)

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