Want to be Happier & More Productive in 2019? Follow These Simple Steps.

Hi Beautiful, 

Happy 2019!

Did you know that a whopping 80% of New Years Resolutions fail by the first week of February? 

The reason so many people fail is usually because their goals are too ambitious...like never eating sugar again, being completely organized, losing 50 pounds, or going to the gym every day. 

These types of goals are just simply too hard for most people to stick to and require too much willpower to sustain. CLICK HERE to watch a video where I explain why willpower alone will never get you to your goals.

So if these big ambitious resolutions don't work, what does?

There are 2 main reasons people make resolutions are:

  1. They want to be happier 

  2. They want to be more productive

Believe it or not, making smaller sustainable changes, is a much better way to increase your productivity and happiness.

So how do you do that?

Keep reading below to find out my 6 Simple Steps to create BIG results in 2019.


Here are 6 Simple Steps you can use to make 2019 your best year yet. 

Step 1: Clearly Define Your Goals
This step is important because it gives your brain a very specific action to aim for. So for example, instead of giving your diet a complete overhaul (setting yourself up for failure) make the smaller, more specific commitment to drink more water daily. This gives your brain something "bite-sized" to focus on rather than something overwhelming. And since the goal is clearly defined, your brain will know exactly when you have accomplished it. This leads to a boost in self-confidence and self-esteem. 

Step 2: Make Sure Your Goal Is Measurable
So instead of just saying you are going to drink more water daily, give an exact amount of water you will drink. Better yet, you can buy a special container to hold the specific amount of water so you know when you have reached your goal. Measuring is the best way to track your progress and results. It is also yet another way to boost your self-confidence and self-esteem. 

Step 3: Get An Accountability Partner (Or Better Yet, A Coach)
There is so much science showing the benefit of having an accountability partner or coach when it comes to achieving your goals. Accountability can be electronic like an app to track your progress or an alarm to remind you to drink every hour. Even better your accountability can come from a real-life human.

Accountability is so important to success all my coaching packages include unlimited Whatsapp coaching in between sessions so I can make sure I am there to support my clients every single day.

Step 4: Habit Stack For Ease
Find ways to incorporate your new habit into habits you already have. This is also known as “habit stacking.” For example, if you are an avid coffee drinker you can start to drink 20 oz of water in the morning before you have your first cup. Stacking a new habit onto an already well-established one like drinking your morning coffee makes it much easier to stick to the new goal. 

Step 5: Make It Easy On Yourself
The best thing you can do to ensure your success is to remove barriers. So for example, if your goal is to go to the gym at 5 am you can make it easier on yourself by sleeping in your gym clothes and having your shoes, socks, water, and gym bag ready to go by the door. You can also add in barriers to make things easier. For example, you can put your alarm across the room to make a barrier between you and the snooze button. 

Step 6: Delete Soul-Crushers and Debbie Downers (Bring In The Soulmates)
This one is probably the most important step of them all. Just as it is important to declutter your home, closet, and office, it is also important to declutter your life. Are there people in your life who have a tendency to bring you down? It is important to take an inventory of the people in your life and then ask yourself this question, "Who can I count on and who do I need to count out?"

After you determine who makes the cut and who doesn't, then you can figure out who you need to bring into your life to help you achieve your goals. I call these people soulmates. This is why I call my free consultation sessions Soulmate Sessions. These are the people who throw fuel on the fire of your dreams instead of on your fears. 

Download this free positive affirmations track to help drown out all the negativity your brain is flooded with every day. Make sure to listen to it several times a week (daily if possible) and watch your world change. 

….and that’s it!

As you can see, these strategies are small and easy to implement. That also means they are easy to stick to and when it comes to reaching your goals, consistency is key.

The bottom line is, Small Changes = Big Impact! You know what’s cool about that? If you keep applying these 6 simple steps all year long, by the time 2020 rolls around, you’ll be a completely different—and more productive and happier person.

Please let me know which step you like most and how you are implementing them in your life.

Looking forward to hearing all the ways you FLY in 2019 :)

Much Love, 


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