Henry Cejudo

Get Better Not Bitter Like a World Champion 💪🔥

Hey Beauty!

Want to learn a little known fact about me? I love to watch Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Crazy right? lol (Stick with me to the end, I promise I have a point to telling you this.)

When it comes to MMA, I don't view it as a violent sport like most people do. I instead see the tireless dedication, training, and effort these athletes put in.

Most of them have been training in martial arts since they were little children sacrificing tons along the way.

Many also hold black belts in multiple forms of martial arts (most people won't ever earn one black belt let alone multiple!) as well as multiple world championship titles in different organizations and sports.

Many are even Olympic athletes and medalists, such as: Rhonda Rousey, Daniel Cormier, and gold medalist Henry Cejudo (who this post is about!

That is his gold medal around his neck on the gold chain in the image below.)


I spent my Saturday night watching Henry Cejudo fight for his 2nd world championship title, which he won. So now, along with being a gold medalist, he also holds 2 world championship belts in 2 different weight classes in the UFC (a VERY big deal).

This is why I am telling you his story... His mindset is impeccable!

There have been countless times the odds were stacked against. him. Countless times people made fun of him, judged him, and told him he would fail.

Saturday night he actually lost the first round, getting beaten up pretty badly. Most of us would have quit. Most of us would have let that losing the first round make us think we aren't good enough, are going to lose and that we should give up.

Here is a fact, most of us do not do well with adversity.

This is the difference between the mindset of a gold medalist, world champion and most other people... they don't give up when the going gets tough. They don't give up when things get really, really, REALLY hard. They don't give up when the naysayers say they will lose.

Most of us want to crawl into a ball and bury our head in the sand when we get judged or told we will fail, but not them.

They don't get bitter, instead, they get better!

After the fight on Saturday night, a commentator asked Henry what he was thinking after losing the first round. He said the whole time he was losing he was taking notes on how to win in the next round, and that is exactly what he did.

Imagine how different our lives and businesses would be if we did that instead of beating ourselves up when we are "losing" or otherwise not getting the sales, traction, results, or support we want?

Can we all say GAMECHANGER?

Next time you find yourself in adversity (business not going well, friends and family not supporting you, learning something new that is hard) remind yourself that there is another round coming and it is your choice to take the learnings from the "losing" round so you can implement them into the next round.

Here's to your success my dear friend. xo

Wishing you so much love!

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