How to achieve your goals

You Are Different, Here's Why 💫

Good Morning Queen, 

Today I want to tell you why you are different than the vast majority of the population. All the others who do not understand what powerful creators they are. 

Most people believe the negative thoughts they think about how unworthy they are, about how they aren't capable, about how they don't deserve to receive greatly in life, about how they will always suffer.... are true. 

This is something I understand so well. I lived most of my life believing theseFEAR based thoughts:


Then one day I finally got sick of that life, discovered how to change my mindset, and up-leveled my whole entire life. With this new found knowledge I began to help other women do the exact same thing in their lives too.  


Sometimes our negative thoughts are rooted down so deep in the subconscious mind that we actually believe they are true even when they aren’t.

Believe it or not, if you are unhappy, it’s actually easier to stay that way than it is to change. To keep believing the same untrue beliefs. To keep believing you aren’t good enough. To stay stuck. To blame, criticize, and judge yourself and others.

That’s why most people stay stuck in lack and limitation forever.

That’s why you are different.

You are the type of person who takes massive action. You are the type of person who says enough is enough. You are the type of person who is so sick of hearing herself complain.

You understand your worth and you’re willing to fight for it. You’re willing to get help because you understand the vibration of the world depends on it. When you rise, everyone and everything around you rises too 

You are ready to step into your Queen version. You don’t have to ask ANYONE for permission. You do what you know you need to do to get to your next best place. Your heart, soul, and intuition tell you when it is time to move, not anyone else. 

See, I told you, you are different. :)

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Wishing you so much love!

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Achieve Your Goals Using Meditation (A How To Guide) 💫 🙏

Happy Tuesday Beauty!

Meditation is something I think most people have heard of and have maybe even tried once or twice… but then quickly gave up. 

Here the thing, I totally get it. It took me YEARS to understand how powerful meditation is for my life and achieving my goals.

(It is so powerful in fact, I do intuitively guided meditations for my clients live in every session tailored to their particular wants and needs. I also give them MP3 audio meditations to listen to in between sessions too.) 

The reason it took me so long to realize this is because it seemed soooooo hard. Like completely impossible for me to do.

Back then, every time I would try to meditate, within 5 minutes I’d start thinking...

“What is the point of this? My mind keeps racing! Clearing my mind is impossible. This works for other people but it just doesn’t work for me.” 

Man, was I wrong!

I now realize that back then I expected to be able to go from never meditating in my life to meditating like the Dalai Lama in 2.2 seconds. It simply doesn't work that way. 

Meditation is called a practice because it takes practice. You’d never sit at a piano and expect to play like Mozart if you’d never taken a lesson in your life right? 

Then why do we do this with meditation?

Keep reading below to learn the truth about meditating and also how to start implementing a practice into your life. It's time to start achieving your goals, Queen! 


The Truth About Meditating
The neurology in your brain is very much like a muscle. The more and more and more you pump it the bigger, thicker, and stronger it becomes. 

When you meditate you are pumping your neurology just like you would your biceps in the gym. Every single time you do a “repetition” you strengthen your ability to quiet the mind, focus on your goals, reduce your stress, and increase your motivation. 

The most important thing to remember when you want to use meditation to reach your goals is the muscle analogy. You can’t do crunches once and expect a 6 pack right? 

Same with meditation. 

You can’t expect to do it once, then reach all of your goals, and become a powerful manifestor. The more and more and more you do it the more powerful it becomes and the easier it is to achieve your goals. 

How to Start Meditating
You wouldn't go from never running a day in your life on a Monday to running a marathon on a Tuesday right? Instead, you’d create a training plan and incrementally increase your mileage as your body began to get stronger and stronger. 

This is exactly the same way you should start implementing a meditation practice. Bit by bit. 

Below I have created a “How To” Guide to help you easily start a meditation practice in your life. 

Your Meditation Guide

  • Sit in a comfortable position, either on the floor in a chair.

  • If it is comfortable for you, place your hands on your lap with your palms facing up (this is a receptive position telling the universe you are ready to receive.) If this isn’t comfortable, place them wherever feels best for you.

  • Set an intention for your practice, this can be:

    • A prayer.

    • Asking to receive clarity around action steps.

    • Intending to create calm and peace in your heart and life.

    • Allowing the day to flow with ease and grace.

  • Close your eyes begin to focus on your breath, in through your nose, and out through your mouth. (allowing yourself to feel more and more relaxed with each and every breath.

  • When your mind wanders (and it will!) gently guide your attention back to the present moment and onto your breath. (You may have to do this many, many, many times but that is okay. Remember you are still in training. Clearing the mind only gets easier with practice.)

  • Do this practice for 6 to 7 minutes every day. (Everyone has 6 or 7 minutes right?)

After 2 Weeks, Introduce Your Goals

  • After about two weeks, extend your meditation time to 15 minutes and start to include a 5 minute period where you visualize your goals as if they have already happened.

  • Picture what you are doing, saying, wearing. Where are you? What action steps did you take to get there? Most importantly, how do you FEEL?

  • After another two weeks, you can try 30 minutes with 10 to 15 minutes spent on visualization.

  • If you miss a day, no need to beat yourself up. Just simply resume your practice the following day.

Through this meditation practice, you will develop the ability to stay motivated and locked on to your goals like you never have before. 

Law of Attraction
Having a daily meditation practice focused on achieving your goals is also one of the best ways to become a vibrational match to that which you are wanting to appear in your physical reality. 

If you’d like to learn more about The Law of Attraction, check out this blog post and video for more information. 

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Wishing you so much love!

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