Ever Feel Misunderstood or Judged? Here's the Truth 💫

Hi Gorgeous Queen, 

Have you ever felt misunderstood, before you’ve even spoken? Kind of like you’re under a microscope at all times? Like you have to choose your words so wisely so you don't offend anyone or look stupid?

I used to feel like that ALL THE TIME and it was so uncomfortable. Because I felt so uncomfortable I used to silence myself and hold myself back in so many ways.

I had a deep-rooted fear of what others would think of me. I would often worry, “What if they misunderstand me?”, “What if they hate me or judge me?”, "What if they laugh at me?", "What if I make someone mad or upset?"

Even worse, there were times when I would get brave enough to speak my truth about certain spiritual beliefs and mindset techniques, that I knew could help others, only to have people make fun of me online and roll their eyes at me in person. (This was devastating at the time but now I find it so funny because I understand I totally created this reality lol) 

If you ever feel this way or if this has ever happened to you, it is important for you to know the truth. 


Here's the truth...as long as what you say comes from a place of LOVE you have the right to say whatever is on your heart. It’s all about the intention. If your intention is pure and good, then you can not cause any harm. 

The hard part is understanding that the other people in your life and online might not be in the right place to feel your love and caring. They might not be in the right place to fully understand your words. (Cool thing is, in my experience, they always do eventually, even if it takes years.) 

You are not in control of how your words are taken. You are in control of how you say them, your intention behind them, and how you handle the response you receive back... even when it’s not the response you’d hoped for. 

And that is that :) 

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Wishing you so much love!

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